Separating State from Nation: Israel as a Denationalized State, 1948-1980, paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Studies Association Annual Conference "Global Governance: Political Authority in Transition", Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, QC, Canada, March 2011

Democracy In Motion: Does Democratic Consolidation Ever End? Evidence from the Israeli Case, paper presented at the 6th Annual Graduate Student Conference, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, December 2010.

A State Without Identity: How and Why Israel Represses the Emergence of an Israeli Identity, paper presented at the Contemporary Approached to Hybridity conference, Torono, ON, October, 2010.

Bi-Nationalism in Israel/Palestine: Inevitable? Unbearable? Desirable? Paper presented in the Association for Israel Studies 26th Annual Conference, Toronto, ON, 10-12 May, 2010.

On Switching: A Two Step Model of Individual Level Electoral Volatility [Hebrew]. MA Dissertation, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, 2007.

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